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Birds and Beasts above Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek is one of many drainages that flow down steep basalt canyons into the Snake River. Often times, Meg and I stay at a Forest Service campground above Saddle Creek that looks into the majesty  side cliffs and benches that form Hells Canyon.  Bird and mammal life is busy, as these pictures show.  A pair of blue birds were nesting in a dead tree close to our campsite, providing us with fun sightings of their constant search for insects.

Watching baby robins grow

In late May, a pair of robins built a nest in an ornamental pear tree in our patio.  After “soaping” our windows so the male robin would stop attacking his reflection that he assumed was a rival, we settled back to watch and wait. The nest was low enough that we could watch the robins grow up once they hatched. In eight days, the three went from bald headed, eyes closed, weaklings to fully fledged, flying youngsters–although Mama did need to push the last one out of the nest!

Always keep your camera handy

As Meg and I were driving out to Wallowa County, we saw this great animal encounter. We had never witnessed anything like this.  Fortunately my camera was right with me, close at hand.