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Snow Shelter construction

BSA Troop 514 spent this past Saturday and Monday constructing snow shelters at Mud Lake, opposite the ski area at Anthony Lake, OR. We had 16 Scouts hard at work on both days.  Many of them had just joined the troop in January, and were only fifth graders, but their enthusiasm, stamina and work ethic was outstanding.  The snow was not too deep, so we had to forgo building our usual snow caves.  Instead we made trenches with sleeping platforms and covered the trenches with tarps.  So, we are protected from the weather, but need to dress warmly for the cold. We will sleep in them this Friday night, and then participate in the annual Klondike Derby on Saturday.

Troop 514

Snow shelter Anthony Lake

Troop 514

BSA Troop 514, Snow shelter construction

The seasons of Scouting continue.  Over Presedents’ Day weekend, Troop 514 from La Grande Oregon traveled up to our local ski area, Anthony Lakes, to build snow caves. This preparation is part of the annual Klondike Derby.  Troop 514 will go up and sleep in these snow caves Friday night, and then compete in various winter skill events on Saturday morning.

We dug a long, deep trench on Saturday, and then dug out snow caves into the trench walls on Monday.  I started an igloo, but did not have time to finish it this year.


Anthony Lakes

Troop_514, Union_County, Anthony_Lakes

Here I am Lord

“Here I am Lord. Just as I am. ” What a simple response to God’s telling us that He is always with us, for us, always present. I do not need to find a so called “sacred place” to worship, to pray, to contemplate. Whether at home, on the road, on the trail, where I am here, God is too.

Hoffer Lake Oregon,  Anthony Lake

Mt Rainier,  William O Douglas Wilderness,  PCT

With the Scouts at Hoffer Lake and Anthony Lake

Last Saturday, I joined the Scouts for the annual rock climbing event at Hoffer Lake basin above Anthony Lake, about an hour from La Grande, Union County. We ultimately got rained and snowed out on Sunday, but the sunset Saturday night was SPECTACULAR!  Bur for the Scout outing, I would have been home on Saturday, enjoying college football and reading.  I am grateful I had the motivation to be up in this alpine setting with some great scouts!!

Hoffer Lake above Anthony Lake Oregon

Hoffer Lake above Anthony Lake, Union County Oregon

Hoffer Lake above Anthony Lake Oregon

Remembering Who calls our names

“To remember who creates us and recreates us, who calls us again and again, who knows us completely, and who loves us unconditionally is to be prepared, as Jesus was, for all that is to come. We need have no fear of today or anxiety about tomorrow. We belong to God who claims us as beloved children and holds us close to the embrace of strength and love. Listen and remember today that God calls your name and be transformed and sustained in all that awaits you.”  Reuben Job

And in this spirit, the following prayer really speaks to my daily life: “Loving Lord, in the struggles that I face, help me always to find the right way, or, having lost it, to come back to you.  Only your grace and love can accomplish this. Only in that way do I know blessedness and peace of heart.”
Anthony Lake, Gunsight, eastern Oregon