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Boiler Bay, Oregon Coast

After the annual Judicial Conference at Salishan on the Oregon coast south of Lincoln City, Meg and I drove a few miles down the coast to Boiler Bay, an overlook that provides spectacular views of the ocean’s power. I took these pictures from inside the car, through my open window.  Even with the car’s protection, rain still blew in over me and the camera.  Nonetheless, the waves were an endless source of drama and excitement.  It was difficult to leave and return to “ordinary” scenery of fall leaves as we traveled east across the coast range to home.

I have two pictures of gulls in the storm, with two different backdrops.  We are always astounded to see how these creatures manage to find calm spots in the storm.

Boiler Bay

Boiler Bay

Boiler Bay

Let the oceans roar

Watching a storm off the Oregon coast with Meg, I was mesmerized by the power of wind and waves. I could not comprehend the surging strength of this elemental nature.  I wanted to be moving, swimming, carried in it. To think, the God who created the sea and earth also created something as small and insignificant as I. And yet, despite our infinitesimal size and strength,  He carries each of us through storms that we cannot navigate or fathom alone.

Boiler Bay OR, near Salishan OR

Boiler Bay OR near Salishan, OR