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Where does our identity lie?

Really, when all is said and done, when the eulogies are given and the will probated and the estate closed, out identity is the same as it always has been and will continue to be–in God alone and in his living Word/Son, Jesus Christ. In this life, we do not attain some sort of “moral worthiness” in God’s eyes. Rather it is relationship, absorbing and sharing His love and justice, in a way that does not “earn” but rather “returns” what we have received.

Spray Park WA, Mt Rainier

Cape Blanco

The Southern Oregon Coast, Part II

Meg and I continued down the southern Oregon coast at a leisurely pace.  The views are spectacular and the State has provided excellent turnouts and wayside parks. This is an area to leave time to see. Every hour of driving offers half a dozen places to pull over and enjoy.  Much of this coastline resembles our favorite beaches in New Zealand.

Signposts on the way to God

“How do we know about God’s love, God’s generosity, God’s kindness, God’s forgiveness?  Through our parents, our friends, our teachers, our pastors, our spouses, our children … they all reveal God to us.  But as we come to know them, we realise that each of them can reveal only a little bit of God.  God’s love is greater than theirs; God’s goodness is greater than theirs;  God’s beauty is greater than theirs.
At first we may be disappointed in these people in our lives.  For a while we thought that they would be able to give us all the love, goodness, and beauty we needed.  But gradually we discover that they were all signposts on the way to God.”  Henri Nouwen

Cape Blanco, Oregon

Florence, Oregon