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If the music, movies, media of today were food, would we feel it would really make
 us healthy?  So, when we want nourishment for the mind and for the
soul, where do we find it?

Morgan Lake road, La Grande

Buff throated saltator, Costa Rica
Anthony Lake

“We can’t fake out God.”

“We can’t fake out God. He knew the end of our ways before we began.  When we seek Him daily, in Spirit and in Truth, we are strongest in avoiding the disaster that comes from complacency and self satisfaction.”
I love the directness of this quotation.  “Fake out” may not be a theological term, but it does remind us that God knows our ways, and we do ultimately stand before Him where nothing will be hidden.
Indian Rock, Grande Ronde Valley, NE Oregon

Indian Rock, Grande Ronde Valley, NE Oregon