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The lower Imnaha River canyon country

Formed high in the Eagle Cap Wilderness of northeast Oregon, the wild and scenic Imnaha River flows seventy three miles along a fault line that parallels the Snake River. In the lower river canyon, massive Columbia River basalt lava flows rise spectacularly above the river.  It is some of the most remote country in Oregon, yet hard working cattle ranchers make a living there.  A narrow dirt road, whose clay base makes it treacherous in wet weather, snakes high above the river. It is not a road for the acrophobic. Meg and I drove down there on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, making many stops simply to bask in the vastness of the land and our own insignificance.

the joy of His presence

Dakota, our thirteen year golden retriever, is filled with absolute love for Meg and me; we often comment how we wish we could love the Lord with the same desire that he has for us.  However, he is showing signs of his age.  I worry about the loss his death will create in my life.  So, as he and I were walking up our driveway in Tuesday’s afternoon sunlight, I prayed as I watched him moving ahead of me.  I prayed that the Lord prepare me for his death, that I focus on thankfulness for life, not on the pain of grief.  And I also asked the Lord’s forgiveness for the ways in which I had taken my own parents’ love for granted; not appreciated their many sacrifices for me.

I happened to look up when I finished praying.  Above me, high in the sky, a hawk was flying–a relatively unusual event. As it circled, and rocked in an unusual way, sunlight shone intensely off its body and wings. I felt a moment of conscious unconscious, of being there but not there, and an overwhelming knowledge that the Lord is kind, good, and merciful. (Psalm 116:5) And, of course, whereas signs/miracles are wonderful, I am well aware that I must “live by believing and not by seeing.”