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He has caused His wonderful works to be remembered

” Lord, we are grateful for memories of joyful times, of beautiful experiences, of graces You have given.  May we wisely use the gift of awareness and memory You’ve given us; help us to notice and remember the beautiful sights we see, the kindness of our neighbors, the encouraging words we hear.  Guard us from dwelling on worries and committing unhealthy thoughts to our memories.  May we always remember the good around us, just as we say and do good things for others to happily recall.”

Mt Emily and horses

Kancamagus Highway


Fall colors, as they shimmer and dance, always intensify my thoughts of who I am in relationship to God and the life He has blessed me with. I hope as the seasons turn that somehow I am living more joyfully, more deeply, more hopefully, more simply in His presence. Progress is slow–three steps forward, two and half steps back–but progress nonetheless. I like what Luonne Abram Rouse, a pastor from Zimbabwe, has written in a song:

“Whatever it takes, no matter how long, I will keep the faith until victory has won. For there is no higher calling. There is no higher calling than to travel this journey with You.”  Who else, really, is there to travel with?
Kancamagus Highway, NH

McKenzie Pass, OR

The ever present Lord

Meg and I have be gone from La Grande for three weeks. We leave Washington DC late this afternoon (Monday). We spent two excellent weeks with Michael and Sara in New Hampshire where we watched fall colors begin. Amtrak then brought us from Boston to Washington DC. We have enjoyed a reunion of our Peace Corps group who trained on Molokai in later 1967, and then spent 1968/69 in Tonga, in the South Pacific. Our lives met briefly then, and briefly now. Yet that two year experience deepened and matured each of us, and provided a strong foundation to contribute to family and community in the years that have gone by. And, with that background, this four days together has been exceptionally stimulating filling in the gaps and catching up.

I have realized as well how long my own faith journey has been.  God has never ceased to travel with me, no matter how much I have ignored, rejected, forgotten Him. The Creator of the Universe cannot be absent anywhere, or we and the universe would cease to be. As the One who knows even when a sparrow falls, His Presence remains constant and continual, whether I am waking or sleeping, whether I am speaking or listening, whether I am doing or being.
Kancamagus Highway, NH

Franconia Notch, NH