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Ohope and the Bay of Plenty

Ohope calls itself the “sunshine capital of New Zealand.” Frankly, I would call it the “sunrise/sunset”  capital. The Bay of Plenty was named by Captain Cook in the 1770’s after he found abundant provisions to replenish his ships along this coastline.

Since it faces northwards, Ohope Beach benefits from both sunrises and sunsets. As you can see, the colors glow magnificently. At sunrise, the mountains of the East Cape of the Bay of Plenty are often blanketed with clouds. This cloud cover creates a mystique to the land behind these mountains. Beautiful coves and beaches lie beyond the East Cape.  It was the filming site for the excellent New Zealand movies, “Whale Rider” and “Boy.”


Ohiwa oyster farm, Ohiwa Harbour
Ohope beach, Bay of Plenty, Ohope
Ohiwa sunrise, Ohiwa Harbour
Ohiwa Harbor, Bay of Plenty
Ohope, Bay of Plenty
Ohope Beach, East Cape Bay of Plenty, East Cape North Island
Ohope Beach, New Zealand sunset
Bay of Plenty, East Cape New Zealand
Ohope sunrise, Norfolk pine
Ohope beach, Bay of Plenty, East Cape New Zealand

Enjoying His light

I especially enjoy waking early enough to see the sunrise spreading across the sky over the Bay of Plenty or the Ohiwa Harbour here in Ohope.The Bible begins with God creating light, and later, showing us His light in human form: “His life brought light to everyone.” Whether here or at home, the morning’s freshness reminds me that each day allows me to begin anew. The light indeed overcomes the darkness, and my life can do the same. Each day, God offers us the opportunity to step beyond whatever holds us back from receiving His love and living fully within HIs family.

Whale_Island_NZ,  Ohope

Ohiwa, Ohope

Scenes along beach and bay

Great as the sunrises and sunsets are on the Bay of Plenty from Ohope Beach, there are also many great scenes along the road. I have enjoyed the blessing of getting to know an Emergency Department nurse at the hospital where Matt works.  She is an absolutely sublime photographer who feels the compositions talking to her.  I went out with her and her husband last week, and they took me to some marvelous locations.  Most of these shots were taken on that trip.

Ohiwa, Ketaware_wharf, Opotiki

Ohope Harbour



Ohope Beach

Shell Beach Ohope

Ohope Beach

Ohiwa, Ketaware_wharf, Opotiki