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His shield of love

Awe, wonder, gratitude–No matter where we are, His Presence, His shield, His love, grace and mercy surrounds us. And prayer never requires a wi fi or a G3 connection! 
And we are ever reminded of what Thomas á Kempis wrote long ago:
“Protect and keep the souls of
  your servants, traveling amid
the many dangers of life. By
  your grace, direct us along
the path of peace until we are 
  back home in the land of ever
lasting brightness.”

New Zealand arrival

Meg and I arrived in Auckland on April 11.  The overnight flight was easy as usual.  We took a self portrait shot, enjoyed coffee/tea and a muffin at the domestic terminal before we flew to Whakatane.  Teresa, Sebastian, and Emma met us.  Impressively, they immediately picked up our luggage and carried it the car–and to the house when we arrived.  Then Sebastian opened his birthday present–a radio controlled helicopter.  He is well on his way to mastering its flight maneuvers.  We have enjoyed the beach and surf.  And the weather has provided some beautiful scenes and colors. So, many good days with family lie ahead is this great country!

Photographic Hilites I of New Zealand, 2010

We have less than a week left here with the family in Ohope Beach, North Island, Bay of Plenty. Whereas the first week and half passes slowly, the sand of the hour glass is now rapidly filling at the bottom. Our days have been filled with the happy voices of our grandchildren, and activities with them. We have enjoyed long beach walks, shell collecting, sunrises and sunsets, travel up and down the coast. This is an exceptionally beautiful country. We are blessed to be able to visit.