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As he so often does, Henri Nouwen provides a challenging, practical way to live.

“Compassion, to be with others when and where they suffer and to willingly enter into a fellowship of the weak, is God’s way to justice and peace among people.  Is this possible? Yes, it is, but only when we dare to live with the radical faith that we don’t have to compete for love, but that love is freely given to us by the One who calls us to compassion.”
As I endure this political season with so much clanging noise/anger, so much talk and so little substance, I realize how easy it is to be distracted from Christ’s reminder that “what you to do to the least of mine, you do it to me.” Our response to His unqualified love must be to use our own hands and time serving others, not letting someone else do it for us.
Mt Emily Recreation Area, OR

Norse Creek Wilderness, WA

Nosu classroom, China

God’s mindfulness and relationship with us

As I hiked on the Pacific Crest Trail in the Norse Peak Wilderness of Washington state this past week, I was deeply humbled by the infinitude of God’s Creation and His relationship to us. In the billions of galaxies with their billions of stars, I am scarcely a mere blade a grass. Whether I live one day, or one hundred years, my life is not even an eye blink of eternity.  Yet God knows me, and each one of us. The whole Biblical revelation tells us that this omniscient God of this mind boggling vast universe loves each of us with an infinite love. “God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8. God’s greatness is certainly in the majesty of his infinite creation, but His greatness is equally and  awesomely shown in His justice and mercy and mindfulness to us, His mere mortals.

Mt Rainier, Norse Peak Wilderness

Norse Peak Wilderness