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Searching for God

“I know that the fact that I am always searching for God, always struggling to discover the fullness of Love, always yearning for the complete truth, tells me that I have already been given a taste of God, of Love and of Truth. I can only look for something that I have, to some degree, already found.  How can I search for beauty and truth unless that beauty and truth are already known to me in the depth of my heart?….We were innocent before we started feeling guilty; we were in the light before we entered into the darkness; we were at home before we started to search for a home. ”  Henri Nouwen 

Tongariro_National_Park, Mt_Ruapehu

Tongariro_National_Park, Mt_Ruapehu

Absorbed in God’s song

I love these theme in Psalm 147 of being absorbed in God’s song.  As Meg and I hiked this Routeburn Track, we were reminded once again that God is both in the vastness of His sky and mountains, and in the smallness of His flowers.  And we are His children, ever part of His eternal love.  
Once again, Henri Nouwen says it well, “one thing we know for sure about oour God: our God is a God the the living, not the dead.  God is life. God is love. God is beauty. God is goodness. God is truth.  God doesn’t want us to die. God wants us to life.  Our God, who loves us from eternity to eternity, wants to give us life for eternity through the Son who is God’s Word incarnate, who came to earth to reveal dramatically Who God is.”
Routeburn Track, NZ. Harris Lake

Mt Cook lily. Meg hiking toward Harris Saddle