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Remaining with the One who sends us

From the Old Testament to the New, the Bible is filled with the reassurance that God is present always present, knowing us and our circumstances intimately. During the past two weeks, for a variety of reasons, I have felt uneasy and alienated from this world.  These Scriptures remind me that regardless of where I go, regardless of where I am, I can always choose “to remain with the One who sends me, and there find comfort, companionship, grace, peace, and joy.” (Rueben Job)

La Grande, OR

Key Summit, Routeburn Track, South Island, NZ

Rowena, Columbia Gorge, OR

In the fulness of time

One of the greatest benefits of being away from home at Christmas, besides the time with family here in New Zealand, is the lack of pressure to get all the traditional Christmas tasks done–the cards and letters to read and respond to, the social gatherings to attend, the demands to be present for society’s expectations instead of God’s Presence. This is not to say that we don’t have distractions here. Yet we are now freed from our “traditions” and are more able to wait patiently, to focus on what is Now, to see the “first rays of God’s glorious coming.”  And to enjoy an expanded feeling of “stillness.” 

Mackenzie Lake, Routeburn Track, South Island, NX

Mt Lyttle

Absorbed in God’s song

I love these theme in Psalm 147 of being absorbed in God’s song.  As Meg and I hiked this Routeburn Track, we were reminded once again that God is both in the vastness of His sky and mountains, and in the smallness of His flowers.  And we are His children, ever part of His eternal love.  
Once again, Henri Nouwen says it well, “one thing we know for sure about oour God: our God is a God the the living, not the dead.  God is life. God is love. God is beauty. God is goodness. God is truth.  God doesn’t want us to die. God wants us to life.  Our God, who loves us from eternity to eternity, wants to give us life for eternity through the Son who is God’s Word incarnate, who came to earth to reveal dramatically Who God is.”
Routeburn Track, NZ. Harris Lake

Mt Cook lily. Meg hiking toward Harris Saddle

The Routeburn Track, Day One

Meg and I left Ohope on Monday, NZ time, and flew to Queenstown on South Island.  From there, we joined a group of three additional hikers and two guides, and enjoyed one of the premier hikes I have ever done.  “Burn” actually is the Scottish word for river, and the route follows high above several rivers before dropping down into the Routeburn itself.

This hike has been rated in the top fifteen of the world by National Geographic.  The views of the peaks are awe inspiring, and the trail through quiet, ethereal beech and fern stretches the imagination.  The trail is about twenty five miles, and traverses both Fiordland and Mt Aspiring National Parks.  We did it in three days, each one unique and lovely.

Earland Falls

Key Summit

Mt Lyttle

Mackenzie Lake

Hiking into the Lake MacKenzie Lodge

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