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Traveling with God across the country

On Tuesday,my cardiologist cleared me for travel.  Meg and I are leaving this afternoon (Friday) to drive back to New Hampshire to visit Michael and Sara.  In addition, I will be the featured artist at the Great Falls Discovery Center in western Mass for the month of October.  My New England fall pictures were discovered on my web site in January, 2010, and this US Fish and Wildlife Refuge facility asked me to show them.  We are taking the northern tier through Montana, North Dakota, northern Michigan and Canada to Niagara Falls, upstate New York, visiting friends along the way.

Our MBA Chinese student, Marshal, will house sit for us, although for this driving trip we are taking our golden retriever, Dakota, with us.  Jasmine, our other Chinese student, is now in Eugene.  A week and half ago, three years to the date she arrived at SeaTac, we drove her and her possessions to Eugene, where she will begin her studies for a Masters in Accounting.   We have deeply appreciated the opportunity to watch her growth, and to grow ourselves as we expanded our family.
Meg and I are looking forward to this total time together. We have no idea what lies ahead during the next twelve days.  We do know God travels with us and ahead of us. His love surrounds us, as we enjoy His Creation, knowing that our time on earth is exciting, but only temporary. We sing His praises here, and someday we will get to sing His praises in eternity.


Thousands of years ago, an ancient Hebrew singer, realizing his human limitations, searched his heart and mind and wrote the opening lines of Psalm 62, “For God alone my soul in silence waits.” Too often I know how easy it is to slip into the busy actions and cares of life in La Grande. I am sure together we could make a long list of the ways we are distracted. My early morning time in Scripture and in prayer has become ever more critical to my finding spiritual, emotional, and physical rest throughout the day. I need a “still point” where I can listen, wait, and know I am not the center, but that God is.