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Enjoying His light

I especially enjoy waking early enough to see the sunrise spreading across the sky over the Bay of Plenty or the Ohiwa Harbour here in Ohope.The Bible begins with God creating light, and later, showing us His light in human form: “His life brought light to everyone.” Whether here or at home, the morning’s freshness reminds me that each day allows me to begin anew. The light indeed overcomes the darkness, and my life can do the same. Each day, God offers us the opportunity to step beyond whatever holds us back from receiving His love and living fully within HIs family.

Whale_Island_NZ,  Ohope

Ohiwa, Ohope

Wairaka and the Whakatane Harbour

Meg and I enjoyed a family dinner on the Whakatane Harbour before we left for home.  The Harbour is on the Whakatane river in the wide calm water before the river forms the bar with the ocean.  A lovely statue stands on large boulder inside the bar.  It remembers a wonderful Maori legend, as described on the city’s website:
“The bravery of Wairaka and the daughter of Toroa, captain-navigator of the Mataatua waka is commemorated by a statue in the Whakatane Harbour.. When the Mataatua waka (Maori) first arrive at Whakatane after making a perilous voyage from Ngati Awa’s ancestral homeland of Hawaiiki 600 years ago, the men left the women alone in the canoe while they went ashore.  When the canoe started to drift back to sea, Wairaka (defying the tapu that forbade women to handle a canoe) seized the paddle and brought the waka back to shore crying ‘Kia Whakatane au i ahau’ – I will act the part of a man.  This cry is said to the origin of the towns’ name.”
Besides watching the sun set behind Wairaka, we also enjoyed watching both a powered para glider and a paraglider drift back and forth about us, the river, and the cliffs, and then land gently as the light was leaving the sky.

Whakatane_Harbour, Whale_Island_NZ

Wairaka, Whakatane_Harbour

Powered_paragliding, Whale_Island_NZ

Wairakaka, Whakatane_Harbour

Whakatane_Harbour, Whakatane_River

God is at the heart of the answer

“I am certain of one thing: the love that is God is at the heart  of the answer, just as it is at the heart of each moment–past, present, and future…Faith chooses to embrace hope and to be embraced by hope, even when overwhelmed by despair; it seeks life even in the face of death….God’s grace embraces our questions as well as our answers and our blindness as well as our vision,  just as the sun shines steadily through the night, waiting to illumine the sky at dawn.”  Jean M. Blomquist

Whale Island NZ, Ohope Beach

Ohope Beach