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Receiving God’s Love

Last weekend we took care of our friends’ goldendoodle, a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever.  Buddy was an excellent companion, mellow and loving. As we interacted, I was again reminded how much a dog tells us about loving God.  All Buddy really wanted was our love.  He reveled in being petted, positioning himself so as best to receive our touches and attention. He seemed to know that he did not need to do anything to “earn” this love other than just making himself open and aware of us. His purpose was not achieve us, but to receive us.  And so it is with our relationship to God.  How do we position ourselves, purpose ourselves, to receive Him?

“Use the things of the world, but long for things of eternity. You cannot be fully satisfied by material possessions, for you are simply not made to enjoy them.”  Thomas รก Kempis
Painted Hills

John Day River

The Word of the Lord endures forever

I love the book of Isaiah. Despite Isaiah’s dire warnings about the consequences of Israel’s apostasy, despite the geopolitical attacks against Jerusalem, the Lord speaks through his prophet of His sovereignty and compassion, His justice and mercy.  Nations fade, we fade, but throughout the book of Isaiah, God reminds us that He and His Word are eternal; no matter what our circumstances, we can rest safely in His comfort. Isaiah’s message is well worth our time to read and re-read.

Painted Hills, Oregon

Hells Canyon, Oregon