He is Risen!

Henri Nouwen writes, “Yet somehow I have to alert you to the truth that what this is all about (the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus) is the most fundamental, the most far reaching event ever to occur in the course of history. If you don’t see and feel that for yourself, then the gospel can be, at most, interesting; but it can never renew your heart and make you a reborn human being. And rebirth is what you are called to–a radical liberation that sets you free from the power of death and empowers you to love fearlessly.” from Letters to Marc about Jesus

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  1. Eric, as always your pictures are super, and you always have just the right quote or scripture to go along with it. The sermon in Portland this morning was about how Jesus' whole purpose was about Life. It is not about his death or resurection, but the fact that everything He did was so that we might have an abundent life, now and forever. Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts. Mike Q

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