Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is located on a massive fault block ridge that ascends abruptly nearly three quarters of a mile above the Warner Valley, north of Lakeview. This remote area of of Oregon contains rugged cliffs, steep slopes, and broad sage brush and grasslands steppes. A special treat is a hot springs that is lovely to soak in. The views extend forever, and in the late spring, wildflowers of all colors dot the terrain. Memories of Indian presence are found in petroglyphs and obsidian shards.

This diverse landscape is filled with over 300 species of wildlife, primarily birds (239 species) and mammals (42 species). Although we only saw saw pronghorn antelope and mule deer, big horn sheep hang out in the steep canyons. Birds of note that we saw included sage grouse and a short eared owl.

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