Camping in Hells Canyon

Meg and I try to make an annual trip into Hells Canyon every year around the Fourth of July, when the wildflowers are at their fullest.  Hells Canyon, reputed to be the deepest in the US, is formed by the Snake river, and separates Oregon from Idaho. A narrow dirt road leads out of the small “town” of Imnaha and travels steeply toward the fire lookout at Hat Point. This is the only road into this magnificent country.

The views from our campsite would be worth a thousand dollars a night were this a five star resort.  Our campsite is more simple, but it is all we need to enjoy the tranquility of this magnificent scenery.

Meg, morning devotions

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  1. Thanks, Ed. I am glad you have enjoyed these pictures. My wife and I are fortunate to live in a part of the world where these kind of "holidays" are possible. The outdoors is always invigorating and renewing.

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