Spray Park, Mt Rainier National Park

Located in the less frequented northwest corner of Mt Rainier National Park, Spray Park bursts forth in the densest and most colorful wildflowers I have ever experienced. From the trailhead at Mowich Lake, Bob and I hiked up and down and up and down, and finally steeply up to reach Spray Park.  The meadows begin at about 6000 feet and continue in a tier like fashion to about 6800 feet. Just as the Sperry Glacier hike in Glacier National Park took Meg and me through multiple levels of waterfalls, the Spray Park trail took Bob and me into multiple layers of wildflower meadows and ponds.

If you are in Seattle in August, the drive to Mowich Lake and the subsequent hike into Spray Park is well worth the time.  There is walk in campground at the end of the road with twenty five campsites (the walk is quite short)  if you have time to spend the night–a better option because you will have more time to enjoy the hike.

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