Bearing our weakness

Thomas Keating provides a dynamic insight into the hurts we carry. Rather than avoiding or hiding the pain and incompleteness we all live with, we should “simply” accept it, knowing that God knows, and through His Son, carries our burdens. And yet, I still look forward to His cleansing fire, when I will be totally purified of my past.

“…To accept our illness and whatever damage was done to us in life by people or circumstances is to participate in the cross of Christ and our own redemption.  In other words, the acceptance of our wounds is not only the beginning, but the journey itself. It does not matter if we do not finish it. If we are on the journey, we are in the KIngdom of God.

“It is bearing our weakness with compassion, patience, and without expecting all our ills to go away, that we function best in the Kingdom where the insignificant, the outcasts, and everyday life are the basic coordinates. The Kingdom is in our midst.”  Fr. Thomas Keating
Wallowa Lake

Eagle Cap Wilderness

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