The Milford Track: Day Three on the trail and Milford Sound

The third (last) day on the trail led us 13.5 miles from Clinton Lodge. Contending with sore muscles from the MacKinnon pass ascent/descent, we still let ourselves be immersed in the dense greens of trees and moss, and the deep blue green waters of streams and waterfalls.  Sunshine followed us for the first time on the hike, creating less drama than we had experienced in the mist.

We reached Sand Fly point on the far side of Milford Sound by mid afternoon. Aptly named, these tiny, tiny flies feasted on unprotected skin. A boat transported us to Mitres Peak Lodge, one of the “best view” lodgings we have enjoyed anywhere.

The Ultimate Hikes’ experience includes an excellent boat trip in the Milford Sound. The Sound’s geology is fascinating, starting 400 million years ago with tall mountains rising as tectonic plates collided.  They rose, fell, rose again.  Most recently, these volcanic formations were subjected to an ice age which left the sharpness and ruggedness that only glaciers can create.

View from Clinton_Lodge, Ultimate_Hikes

Arthur River


MacKay_Falls, Milford_Track, Ultimate Hikes

Giants_Gate_Falls, Milford Track

Milford_Sound, Mitres_Peak_Lodge

Mires_Peak, Mires_Peak_Lodge, Milford_Sound, Ultimate_Hikes

Milford Sound

Stirling_Falls, Milford_Sound

Stirling_Falls, Milford_Sound

Lady_Bowen_Falls, Milford_Sound, Ultimate_Hikes

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