Maynard the Rotary Duck and Kenny the Kiwi

You may recall “Flatiron Freddy” who used to travel to worldwide destinations. Well, last fall, Beth, our La Grande Rotary president, acquired Maynard the Duck. She sent him out with Rotarians who were traveling to help them document their travels. I took Maynard to New Zealand over Christmas. Since he felt “lonely,” far from home, I acquired Kenny the Kiwi to keep him company. Last week, Meg and I went with friends high above the Snake River with a guided llama tour. Wallowa Llamas is operated by Raz Rasmussen, out of Halfway, Oregon. It was a great trip. I will be posting scenic pictures later, but in the meantime, you can see the trip through the eyes of Maynard and Kenny 🙂

“We didn’t get to ride a llama.  Instead, Eric carried us.”

“Meg hiked faster than Eric.  He stops to take so many pictures.”

“I got to sleep next to Meg.  She told me Eric used to be a frog before she met him.”

“Have you ever kissed a llama?”

“Our guide, Raz, made delicious Swedish pancakes!”

“Spring is gorgeous in Hells Canyon.”

Raz made great coffee every morning!”

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