Children of God

“You are created because of love and you are given unconditional love.  That is who you are: a beloved one and one who has love to share.

“The voice that Jesus heard at his baptism was an incredible affirmation from God: ‘You are my beloved Son. My favor rests on you.’
“That voice made it possible for Jesus to go into the world, to live in the truth and also to suffer.  He knew the truth, he claimed it, and he walked in the word.  People ruined his life by rejecting him and hurting him, by spitting on him and finally killing him on the cross, but he never lost the truth.  He lived his joy and his pain under the blessing of the Father. He never lost his truth. God loved him unconditionally and no could take that from him.”  Henri Nouwen
We are NOT defined by society’s demands, by the movie/television ads, even by our friends.  God’s never ending love is where we find a strength and our comfort, and beloved-ness.
1 John 3, Nugget Point, Catlins

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