The Catlins: sand, sea, sunrises

Continuing the theme of the “Camelot” magic of the Catlins.

We spent three nights at Nugget Beach at a wonderful place, the Nugget Lodge.  I had reserved a room at this two unit motel four months earlier, and 8,000 miles away.  I was thrilled to arrive and see this incredible beach. I really had no idea that a choice from an internet site would turn out so spectacular.

The first picture shows Pauline, our gracious hostess, pointing out the beach. We stayed in the “Sea Lion” unit. We would watch sea lions on the beach in the late afternoon and early morning. Nugget Lighthouse framed the view in the other direction. An isolated beach lay below the road to the lighthouse.  From a blind above the beach, we could watch yellow eyed penguins come ashore in the early evening.
I walked the beach early each morning. Sunrises were superb. A storm blew in the last morning—wind and light rain.  I had planned to stay indoors.  Fortunately Meg wanted to take a walk nonetheless.  Unbelievably, a full rainbow appeared, giving us an unforgettable memory and confirming that you must be “there,” despite the weather, if you want memorable images.
The beach has become my mental retreat location where I can truly renew myself with its serenity and memories of deep and stimulating time shared there with Meg. We will come again.
Catlins, Nugget Lodge
Nugget Lodge, Nugget Beach, Catlins
Nugget Lodge, Nugget Beach sea lion, Catlin sea lion
Catlins, Nugget Beach sea lion
Catlins, Nugget Beach sea lion
Catlins, Nugget Beach, Nugget Point sunrise
Catlins, Nugget Beach
Catlins, Nugget Beach, Nugget Point waves
Catlins, Nugget Beach, Nugget lighthouse
Catlins, Nugget Beach yellow eyed penguin
Catlins, Nugget Beach yellow eyed penguin
Rainbow Nugget Point Catlins

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