Stand by Ukraine, Sunflowers, Balsam root

A set of sunflower pictures, domestic and spring wildflowers. The wild balsam root blankets Eastern Oregon hillsides—and elsewhere– in May. Balsam root has beautiful, bright yellow flowers; in fact, another common name for it is “Oregon sunflower”.

As we know now, the sunflower is the Ukrainian national flower. It is frustrating to simply post pictures to support Ukrainians. We have contributed to Mercy Corps, one of the many NGO’s providing humanitarian relief to Ukrainians, but the people need so much more.

balsam root, Grande Ronde Valley
Balsam root, Eastern Oregon
Balsam root, Grande Ronde Valley
Balsam root, Mt Harris
Balsam root, Halfway, Wallowa Mountains
Balsam root
Balsam root, Minam Canyon
Balsam root
Columbia Gorge
Columbia Gorge
sunflowers, Grande Ronde Valley, Union County