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Become what you receive

St Augustine wrote, “become what you receive.”  God created us out of love, and gives us incredibly merciful love. I wish in my life I could totally let that love flow through me and become that love to others. Certainly, that thought is a constant part of my prayers.

Rowena, Columbia_Gorge


The Joy of your Presence

“To be present is to arrive as one is and open up to the Other. At this instant, as I arrive here, God is present, waiting for me. God always arrives before me, desiring to connect with me even more than my most intimate friend. I take a moment and greet my loving God.”  Sacred Space

Rowena, Tom McCall Preserve, Columbia Gorge

Spring in the Columbia Gorge

We in Oregon are blessed to have the Columbia River as part of our geography. The river flows though massive basalt cliffs that rise cathedral-like above the river.  Rowena provides one the best spring views of the river at the Tom McCall preserve which belongs to the Nature Conversancy.  The yellow balsam root and other wildflowers, the wind, the silence make this a special place. Further west waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge draw the hiker/walker into places that one misses traveling the swiftly moving traffic of Interstate 84.

Rowena, Tom McCall Preserve

Bridal Veil falls

Eagle Creek

Rowena, Tom McCall preserver

The Columbia river looking east from Rowena

Eagle Creek

Balsam root at Rowena

Along His path

“According to the greatness of your goodness and your many mercies, look down on me and hear the prayer of your poor spirit, exiled far off in the land of the shadow of death. Protect and keep the soul of your servant, traveling amid the many dangers of life.

By your grace, direct him along the path of peace until he is back home in the land of everlasting brightness. Amen.”  Thomas á Kempis

Cascade Locks OR, PCT

Benson Falls OR, Columbia Gorge

Am I empty enough?

In my life filled with busy activities that mostly satisfy me, I find I must ask myself regularly:  am I empty enough, am I hungry enough, am I thirsty enough to receive God and let God fill me?

Rowena, Columbia Gorge, White Salmon

Ladd Marsh, Union County, Grande Ronde Valley

The stream of life

As I recently composed a picture of a fall stream at Wahkeena Falls in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge, I pictured my  life as one of those leaves. I am often tossed and turned, sped up and slowed down, but I am always in this water of life that is God. I rest at times with other travelers, and other times I am alone except for God.  And ultimately, I am no more, dissolved into this water, finally no longer separated from God.

Wahkeena Falls, Columbia Gorge

Franconia Notch

Remaining with the One who sends us

From the Old Testament to the New, the Bible is filled with the reassurance that God is present always present, knowing us and our circumstances intimately. During the past two weeks, for a variety of reasons, I have felt uneasy and alienated from this world.  These Scriptures remind me that regardless of where I go, regardless of where I am, I can always choose “to remain with the One who sends me, and there find comfort, companionship, grace, peace, and joy.” (Rueben Job)

La Grande, OR

Key Summit, Routeburn Track, South Island, NZ

Rowena, Columbia Gorge, OR