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“Through faith, hope, and charity we hear the ultimate message of the universe.”

“Through faith, hope, and charity we hear the ultimate message of the universe. The result of that awakening is shown in what the blind man did on receiving his sight; he followed Jesus. Jesus emphasizes what healed him.  Faith! This was not just the faith that works through reason but the faith that is a direct intuition. ‘Go in peace,’ he says to this man, ‘your faith has saved you.’ 

“Your faith, that is your consent  to God calling you, touching you, transforming you. Transformation in Christ is the ultimate healing.”  Father Thomas Keating

Mt_Joseph, Wallowa_Mts



On a regular basis, I need to ask myself–do I have faith because I am comfortable or because I am challenged; because I lean on my self created, self satisfied props, or because I allow and trust the Holy Spirit to work within me?

Faith always re-creates the good world. Without faith, 
we will inevitably sink into various kinds of despair. Faith is a matter 
of having new eyes, seeing everything, even our most painful suffering, 
through and with the eyes of God. It is the only way to keep on the path 
toward love.”  Richard Rohr

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