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An infinite God seeks and desires intimacy with the human soul

A friend of mine, Nicole, shared these thoughts this week. They are profoundly important for each of us to absorb and live each day:

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

Your worth does not depend on what you do.  You are loved by God and your life is important because you are His child, made in His image.  If you start your day with anxiety about all you have to do or what you’re going to be, remember this: He loves you not because of what you do, but because you are.  The details of your life are important, but do not define your worth. 

Be still and know that I Am God
Be still and know that I Am
Be still and know
Be still

Cove, Oregon

The Honeycombs, Oregon

The Honeycombs

The Honeycombs are one of the most obscure, most spectacular canyon areas in Oregon. Located northwest of Jordan Valley, along the Owyhee Reservoir, the area has been one of my backpacking meccas.  A somewhat gnarly 4WD road takes you within a couple miles of where this canyon country begins.  The road is clay, and is not to be trifled with in wet weather, as it turns slick and greasy. Rob Ostermann, a friend with a similar passion to explore, and I drove down there last week.  Twice we attempted to reach the drainage where the hike begins, and twice threatening weather turned us back.

I did get some alluring pictures from afar, and the goal remains to actually reach into this scenery close up another time. The Honeycombs road takes off from the Leslie Gulch road, so we camped there instead and enjoyed the scenery you can view in my Leslie Gulch post.