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New Beginnings

As we begin the Christmas season, I remind myself that with God, nothing is lost, nothing is irredeemable.  In His Son, I am a new creation.

“There is always the opportunity for a new beginning in our relationship with God.  Because God is infinite, unlimited possibility for growth and starting new exists.” Rueben Job

“I do not belong to the powers and principalities that rule the world but to the Good Shepherd who knows his own and is known by his own.  In the presence of my Lord and Shepherd there truly is nothing I shall want.  He will, indeed, give me the rest my heart desires and pull me out of the dark pits of my depression.”  Henri Nouwen

Sewell_Rd_Wolfeboro, Wolfeboro, New_Hampshire


On a regular basis, I need to ask myself–do I have faith because I am comfortable or because I am challenged; because I lean on my self created, self satisfied props, or because I allow and trust the Holy Spirit to work within me?

Faith always re-creates the good world. Without faith, 
we will inevitably sink into various kinds of despair. Faith is a matter 
of having new eyes, seeing everything, even our most painful suffering, 
through and with the eyes of God. It is the only way to keep on the path 
toward love.”  Richard Rohr

Contoocook, Gould Hill NH, New England Fall

Warner River  NH

Water settings of a New Hampshire fall

Nothing gives more dynamism to fall colors than seeing them with, in, and around water.  Here are a very few scenes of the many we have enjoyed.

New England fall

Pleasant Pond, Contoocook, New Hampshire

North Sandwich, New Hampshire fall

Pleasant Pond, Contoocook, New Hampshire

Pleasant Pond, Contoocook, New Hampshire

Lake Winnipesaukee, Wolfeboro

New Hampshire fall: trees and leaves

Meg and I are nearing the end of our annual New Hampshire fall trip to visit our younger son, Michael, and his wife.  As always, the days have been full of enjoyment of family and the nature that surrounds them here. Although the colors were technically past their “prime,” unique patches of yellows, reds, and oranges stand out amidst the otherwise bare forest–maybe like our own uniqueness stands out from the crowd when we allow the Light to radiate from us!

Contoocook, New Hampshire

Contoocook, New Hampshire

Contoocook, New Hampshire

Interstate 93, Contoocook, New Hampshire

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Sewell road, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Traveling with grace and endurance

“The surprise is not that, unexpectedly, things turn out better than expected. No, the real surprise is that God’s light is more real than all the darkness, that God’s truth is more powerful than all human lies, that God’s love is stronger than death. ”  Henri Nouwen

We travel this road of life with God’s strength and endurance, knowing always that the light of His Grace surrounds us always.
Norse Peak Wilderness

New Hampshire path

New Hampshire. New England fall colors

Meg and I have enjoyed stretching fall from Oregon to Minnesota/Michigan to New England.  We are somewhat awed by the privilege of having the time and resources to take such a trip.  Since the fall colors of New England are still fresh in my mind, I wanted to post a second set of those pictures before I return to sharing the beauties of northeast Oregon.  So, here are the final pictures of the time back east.

Remembering that God loves us

Rueben Job writes, “Leap from doubt to belief and remember that God loves you, delights in you, and yearns for your response of faith in HIm and His Creation.”  Too often we judge ourselves harshly, thinking that we do not deserve God’s love and forgiveness.  Yet, no matter who we are or what we have done, His love for us is never diminished. He is always there when we turn and return to HIm.

seasons of eternity

Meg and I have enjoyed an extended and nuanced fall this season: aspens starting to turn in Glacier National Park, colors intensifying in New Hampshire, leaves both falling and full in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and bare trees with patches of yellow in Minnesota. The fulness of fall has overflowed into our lives, reminding us of eternal eons of seasons that have preceeded this one. God has planted eternity deep within us. The transitory is wonderful to enjoy, but it never brings lasting happiness. As St Theresa wrote, “let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you.  All things are passing; only God remains.”

Where do we “fix” our thoughts?

Oswald Chambers writes, “All of God’s reveal truths are sealed until they are opened to us through obedience.” My Utmost for His Highest, October 10. Obedience is difficult for us in the 21st century. If we are obedient, then we have a boss, and lose our “freedom,” which after all, in this country, is an inalienable right. Or we claim to be obedient, and end up also being judgmental and self righteous. Whatever our reasons for this lack of obedience, it also creates a lack of gratitude.  Busyness too often interrupts spiritual breathing.

I am connecting three different thoughts on my pictures this week: the perfect peace that we find in fixing out thoughts on God, the depth of our souls that we discover through God,  and the joy we experience when gratitude governs our behaviors.

Overwhelmed with joy

How wonderful to be “overwhelmed with joy,” as the prophet Isaiah writes. This is the season to be overwhelmed with joy as we wait to celebrate the birth of Christ who came to live with us and for us, “God and sinners reconciled.” Yet we do need to be reminded continually, as the angels have told us, “do not be afraid…nothing is impossible with God.” We are surrounded, always, by this most incredible and joyful assurance!