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“Freedom comes when you know with your heart that you are loved.”

“Freedom comes when you know with your heart that you are loved.  If you could accept and believe that you are unconditionally love and embraced,  you could go all over the world and never be lonely‚ĶIn our personal relationships a moral life is not enough. We must also live the mystical life, a life which is embraced by the God who says, “I love you fully and unconditionally.”  Henri Nouwen

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Ohope, Bay_of_Pleanty

The still dwelling upon God

Stillness and solitude do fill our souls, and gradually allow us to change.

“The still dwelling upon God is the quietest

but the most potent action of all”  Emmet Fox

“Solitude is the furnace of transformation….Solitude
is not a private therapeutic place, Rather, it is the 
place of conversion, the place where the old self
dies and the new self is born.”  Henri Nouwen 
Amaya_Family_Cabins, Drake_Bay_CR, Osa_Peninsula

maya_Family_Cabins, Drake_Bay_CR, Osa_Peninsula

In You I place my trust

I am again turning to Thomas a Kempis, a 15th century theologian for this deep desiring to know God.

“You are the object of all good, the apex of life, the depth of wisdom. Your servants’ greatest consolation is to hope in you above all things. I turn my eyes to you. In you, my God, Father of mercies, I place my trust. Bless my soul and make it holy with your heavenly blessing; let it become your holy dwelling, the place of your eternal glory. Let nothing be found in you temple that may offend the eyes of your majesty.”