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“…what finally matters is that our hearts become like quiet cells where God can dwell, wherever we go and whatever we do.”  Henri Nouwen

When indeed I can quiet myself that deeply, somehow, from somewhere, peace sings and I can feel a deep love for all of Creation.

amaya_family_cabins, osa_peninsula, Costa_Rica_beaches

amaya_family_cabins,  corcovado_national_park

In God alone my soul finds peace. Spray Park and Mt Rainier

I realize as I am hiking on the trail, through incredible scenery and sometimes dull scenery, that only God provides rest and peace.  As I shed the noise and the distractions, as I my mind slows down from the busy thoughts of the “to do list” at home, I relax and open my mind to the created world around me and the Creator. I am no longer separate or isolated.  I am, once again, close to the Source of all being.

Calliope hummingbird

Spray Park, Mt Rainier