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Troop 514 rafting the Grande Ronde Rive

Seventeen Scouts, ages ten and half to eighteen, along with seven adults, spent three days rafting the Grande Ronde river this past Friday through Sunday. We rented five boats. The river was low, slow, and challenging.– lots of obscured rocks that needed to be maneuvered around and between. However, all went well and the boys learned about “reading” the river, and rowing.

They cooked dutch oven meals for both dinner and breakfast.  We had four cooking groups and the boys did a wonderful job working together.  Their cooperation and collegiality was a joy to behold.  They were supportive of each other, and the few conflicts were minor. This is the third river trip we have done in the past four years.  I have enjoyed watching boys grow into young men.

BSA Troop 514 at the historic Kirkwood Ranch

This past weekend, six scouts from Troop 514 and three adults drove to Pittsburg Landing on the Idaho side of Hells Canyon, the deepest canyon in the United States. From there, we took a Forest Service jet boat six miles up the Snake river to the Kirkwood Ranch, an old homestead that dates back to the late 1800’s. Our “payment” for this ride was a service project in which the scouts cleared brush and branches from an ATV trail that leads to the ranch from high above the canyon.

The boys enjoyed examining the history of this sheep and cattle ranch and were awed by how these rugged ranchers survived so far from civilization.  They did a great job of cooking dinner and breakfast from scratch with food they had brought in.  After breakfast on Sunday, we packed up and hiked the six mile trail back to Pittsburgh Landing.

The jet boat that took us to the Kirkwood Ranch

The landing at the Kirkwood Ranch

Our campsite at Kirkwood Bar

The scouts enjoyed the pioneer farm implements at the Kirkwood Ranch

The hike out

Balsam root wildflowers along the Snake River canyon

A service project at Pittsburg Landing

Pittsburg Landing

Troop 514

Kirkwood Ranch

Enjoying the ride up the Snake River

a great meal!

The Klondike Derby, February 20&21, 2015

Eighteen Scouts slept in their snow shelters last Friday night up at the Anthony Lakes area of NE Oregon.  Their gear was appropriate to the weather conditions–18 degrees and light snow–so they enjoyed a comfortable night.  Many of these boys were barely eleven years old, yet their enthusiasm lasted the entire time, and they were most proud of their accomplishment. And I, at the other end of the age spectrum, enjoyed sleeping out in a tree well inside a bivy sack, underneath the tree boughs.

Saturday morning they competed in Scout skill events, as well as fun challenges based on a medieval knight theme–a catapult to knock over buckets, a jousting where they held a long light pole to thrust through a small hole as they were being pushed on a sledge, a bridge to knock their opponent off of.

We had enough scouts for three patrols.  One patrol finished first, so naturally there was extra excitement. These opportunities are unique skill and confidence builders–lessons and memories to last a  lifetime.

My sleeping “quarters”

Jousting target

Snow Shelter construction

BSA Troop 514 spent this past Saturday and Monday constructing snow shelters at Mud Lake, opposite the ski area at Anthony Lake, OR. We had 16 Scouts hard at work on both days.  Many of them had just joined the troop in January, and were only fifth graders, but their enthusiasm, stamina and work ethic was outstanding.  The snow was not too deep, so we had to forgo building our usual snow caves.  Instead we made trenches with sleeping platforms and covered the trenches with tarps.  So, we are protected from the weather, but need to dress warmly for the cold. We will sleep in them this Friday night, and then participate in the annual Klondike Derby on Saturday.

Troop 514

Snow shelter Anthony Lake

Troop 514

Troop 514: Rock Climbing above Anthony Lake, OR

Troop 514 recently enjoyed its annual rock climbing event.  We leave early Saturday morning and drive to Anthony Lake, a delightful alpine lake less than an hour distance.  We then backpack up to a higher lake where we camp.  The boys day hike and then cook a variety on one pot meals as patrols.  In the morning, under the guidance of experienced climbers, the Scouts enjoy excellent rock climbing and rappelling,  The first time Scouts are usually a bit tentative in their approach to the granite wall, but after they try it once, they are exuberantly head up again, pleased with their new self confidence and sense of adventure.

Anthony lake, Union County

Troop 514, learning to rappel

Troop 514 rock climbing

Troop 514, finding traction

Troop 514, climbing wall above Anthony and Hoffer Lakes

Troop 514 at Strawberry Lake

Strawberry Lake sits in a basin surrounded by colorful, eroded andesite, a mile and half from the trailhead into the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness. Five Scouts from BSA Troop 514 in La Grande just spent a delightful weekend there.  Four of the scouts were young and new, carrying packs that challenged their stamina and energy. Yet, they remained cheerful. They worked quickly and efficiently to pitch their tents. They played in the water, and then we hiked up to Strawberry Falls.  They cooked a one pot meal of couscous and chicken on a one burner stove, and in the morning made up blue berry pancakes.

Their enthusiasm for working together and for learning new skills was excellent.  I think I am becoming younger on each outing!  

Troop 514, Strawberry Falls

Troop 514 at Succor Creek and Leslie Gulch

Six Scouts from Troop 514 and myself and a dad of one of the boys enjoyed a fabulous outing in the canyon country of Malheur County, OR. The scenery there reminds one of Utah, as massive cliffs and whimsical rock formations reach skywards. We had a nice blend of older, experienced Scouts and younger, new scouts.  The older boys did an excellent job of preparing meals, leading hikes, and playing games with the younger ones.  They were excellent role models.

We arrived Friday evening and set up camp at sunset.  Saturday was clear and warm.  After breakfast we drove from our campsite above Succor Creek to Leslie Gulch.  The boys hiked, “bouldered,” and enjoyed the magnificent scenery.  By that evening it had clouded over and started to rain.  Despite rainy Sunday morning weather, the older Scouts cooked sausage and pancakes, and we enjoyed an excellent breakfast before packing and cleaning up.

Enjoy these pictures.  I will be doing another post of just scenery soon.

Leslie Gulch, Malheur County

Leslie Gulch, Malheur County

Leslie Gulch, Malheur County

Succor Creek breakfast in rain

Leslie Gulch, Malheur County

Succor Creek, dutch oven cobbler

Succor Creek, in the rain after breakfast

Leslie Gulch, Malheur County

Succor Creek campsite

Troop 514 spring camping in Hells Canyon, Snake River

BSA Troop 514 set off in the rain this past Friday afternoon and headed to Hells Canyon in the Snake River country of NE Oregon.  We camped at the end of the road, setting up our tents in a light drizzle just before dark.  The next day, after breakfast and a flag ceremony, we headed downriver, into verdant green hillsides, carpeted with yellow balsam root, pink phlox, and purple lupine.  Five new scouts enjoyed their first outing, enthusiastically learning new skills of cooking and fire building, identifying plants and animals, pitching tents, packing backpacks, as well as playing games, all under the excellent, caring leadership of the older Scouts.  

I have enjoyed my return to the troop.  Without this outing, I would have stayed indoors, at home, in the rain, not creating anything memorable. Instead, memories of youthful enthusiasm and brilliant colors resonate in my mind!
Balsam root, Hells Canyon

Troop 514 fire starting

Troop 514 flag ceremony, Snake River

Snake River, Hells Canyon

phlox, Hells Canyon, Snake River

Troop 514

Troop 514, Hells Canyon, Snake River

Troop 514

Troop 514, Snake river

Troop 514, crossing McGraw creek

BSA Troop 514, Snow shelter construction

The seasons of Scouting continue.  Over Presedents’ Day weekend, Troop 514 from La Grande Oregon traveled up to our local ski area, Anthony Lakes, to build snow caves. This preparation is part of the annual Klondike Derby.  Troop 514 will go up and sleep in these snow caves Friday night, and then compete in various winter skill events on Saturday morning.

We dug a long, deep trench on Saturday, and then dug out snow caves into the trench walls on Monday.  I started an igloo, but did not have time to finish it this year.


Anthony Lakes

Troop_514, Union_County, Anthony_Lakes

BSA Troop 514 fun in the snow

We took the Scouts up to Little Alps, the old ski area that nearby Anthony Lakes replaced.  We practiced winter skills such as fire starting, snow shelter construction, travel, and clothing.  And, most importantly, the Scouts enjoyed the great fun of coming down the old rope tow hill in sleds and an inner tube, hitting a bump, and then sailing into space.  Great fun was had by all!!

BSA_Troop_514, Anthony_Lake, Union_County

BSA_Troop_514, Anthony_Lake, Union_Count

BSA_Troop_514, Anthony_Lake, Union_Count

BSA_Troop_514, Anthony_Lake, Union_Count

BSA_Troop_514, Anthony_Lake, Union_Count

BSA_Troop_514, Anthony_Lake, Union_Count