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“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so that you can  be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

And most definitely, it is realizing and living the transformed life that God gives us through Jesus, in whom “we are a new creation.”
Isaiah 26, Wallowa Lake

We never leave God’s sight


“The Lone Wild Bird”

1. The lone, wild bird in lofty flight
Is still with Thee, nor leaves Thy sight.
And I am thine! I rest in Thee.
Great Spirit, come, and rest in me.

2. Each secret thought is known to Thee,
My whole life’s path, whate’er it be;
My days, my deeds, my hopes, my fears,
My deepest joys, my silent tears.

3. The ends of earth are in Thy hand,
The sea’s dark deep and far-off land.
And I am thine! I rest in Thee.
Great Spirit, come, and rest in me.

— Henry Richard McFadyen (1877-1964)

Mt Joseph Wallowa County
Mt Joseph Wallowa County

The heart of prayer

“The heart of prayer is to recognize the presence and action of God and to consent to it. We do not have to go anywhere; God is already with us….Faith tells us that we already have God.  The most intimate relationship with God is to be completely present to God in whatever we are doing.”  Fr. Thomas Keating.

Mt Joseph Wallowa Lake
Mt Joseph Wallowa Lake




A late season transition

Fall comes to a close in NE Oregon, from the Grande Ronde Valley to Wallowa Lake. Saturday was overcast, the type of day where normally I would not have gone out with my camera.  But we had friends visiting from Hong Kong and we wanted to show them Wallowa Lake. As it turned out, the sky was filled with dramatically defined dark clouds and special subtle shades of light shone through.


attitude adjustment, Joseph Oregon

“Attitude Adjustment, Joseph Oregon

Egglegson Corner, Wallowa County

Eggleson Corners, Wallowa County, Joseph Oregon

Minam Canyon, Wallowa County

Minam Canyon, Wallowa County

Mt Emily barn, Grande Ronde Valley

Mt Emily, Grande Ronde Valley, Union County

Wallowa LakeWallowa Lake

The freshness of fall in Wallowa County

I enjoyed a Friday overnight stay at our shared cabin at Wallowa Lake in NE Oregon. Kokanee, a landlocked salmon, are running in the Wallowa River above the lake. Their redish colors are mirrored in the beaufiful fall maple leaves in downtown Joseph. The air was fresh and clear early Saturday morning, a great befinning of the fall.


Wallowa Lake, NE Oregon

Wallowa Lake



Wallowa Lake and Bonneville PeakTeasel and spider web

Teasel and spider web

Kokanee in the Wallowa River

Kokanee in the Wallowa River

 Chief Joseph Mt above the town of Joseph, Wallowa County

Chief Joseph Mt above Joseph, Wallowa County

Downtown Joseph, Wallowa County

Downtown Joseph, Wallowa County

Kokanee sculpture

Kokanee sculpture in downtown Joseph