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Choosing life

“Is everybody finally going to be all right?  Are all people ultimately going to be free from misery and all their needs fulfilled?  Yes and no!  Yes, because God wants to bring us home into God’s Kingdom.  No, because nothing happens without our choosing it.  The realization of the Kingdom of God is God’s work, but for God to make God’s love fully visible in us, we must respond to God’s love with our love.

We must choose for God if we want to be with God.”  Henri Nouwen

Milford_Sound, Stirling_Falls

Satisfying our thirst

The prophet Jeremiah refers to the Lord as the “fountain of living water.”  To a desert people, water was a constant thought and need.  No wonder the Hebrew Bible contains so many metaphors of longing for God as we long for water. The thirst for God, conscious or subconscious, is universal. Christ offers us the way to quench that thirst with the same living water he offered the Samaritan woman. His offer is not abstract or wistful; it is not a one time offer, but remains “on the table” for us. It is real if we will only make/take the time to be Present to His Presence.

Sperry Glacier, Sperry Chalet Glacier National Park

Sperry Glacier, Sperry Chalet Glacier National Park