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A Thrill of Hope

Each Christmas season I am deeply reminded that despite the weary repetitiveness of conflict–personal, political, economic, terror–hope renews me. God has so much more to teach me, to teach each of us, as we wait for Him, seek Him, follow Him.
Spray_Park, Mt_Rainer_NP

Here I am Lord

“Here I am Lord. Just as I am. ” What a simple response to God’s telling us that He is always with us, for us, always present. I do not need to find a so called “sacred place” to worship, to pray, to contemplate. Whether at home, on the road, on the trail, where I am here, God is too.

Hoffer Lake Oregon,  Anthony Lake

Mt Rainier,  William O Douglas Wilderness,  PCT


In the everyday busyness of my life, I think of what “I” need to accomplish.  I am thankful that it is not my agenda but God’s that counts–and that all I really need to do each day is to breathe an awareness of His surrounding me. I do not need to go to so called “sacred” or special places to be with Him.  He is with me in my life’s ordinary events and encounters–I just have to be open to this awareness.

Mt Rainier, William O Douglas Wilderness

Spray Park, Mt Rainier

Thankfulness. From the William O Douglas Wilderness and Spray Park

As I hiked into and through the William  O Douglas Wilderness and Spray Park in Mt Rainier National Park, my heart was continually lifted up by the glorious Creation the Lord has blessed us with.  The moments of sheer, overwhelming beauty pushed the tiredness away from my aging body.  Spiritually, at least, I was lift up like an eagle–and at least my mind could hike and not grow weary.

Thankfulness, gratitude for His Blessings, filled me.  It was good to be in His “spaces”–vast skies and tall mountains as well as small wildflowers and flowing meadows.
Spray Park, Mt Rainier

Mt Adams, Goat Rocks, William O Douglas Wilderness

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in the William O. Douglas Wilderness

Bob, my Pacific Crest Trail hiking partner, and I enjoyed a recent two and a half day, thirty mile backpack through the William O. Douglas Wilderness portion of the PCT in Washington. Justice Douglas served forty one years on the US Supreme Court, the longest tenure of any Justice (although Justice Stevens may soon surpass that record).  He grew up in Yakima, WA and developed a passion for the outdoors and strong conservationist ethic.  Most of his summers were spent at Goose Prairie near the wilderness named after him.

Starting at White Pass, the trail meanders through dense trees, and above continuing meadows and lakes.  Then it rises steeply and goes over and along one the crests of the Cascades. Mt Rainier is “in your face” beautiful, and in fact the trail traverses through the far eastern edge of Mt Rainier National Park. It drops again into beautiful Dewey Lake, only to rise relentlessly toward a final pass before dropping down to Chinook Pass. Lakes, rivers, mountain peaks, wildflowers, huckleberries and blueberries–what could be any better in the outdoors!