Whose am I?

I remember my college years being asked, and seeking, “who” I was. Supposedly, the answer would give me self esteem when I discovered my “true self”.  Well, in the maze of possibilities, I never did find out.  Fortunately, in my mid forties, I reoriented my journey and sought a relationship with, not a religion of, God.  I found out “whose” I was.  I was a child of God. Seeking “who” led me to worship at the idol of me, of my accomplishments, my ego. Knowing “Whose” I was placed me directly in the arms of a loving Savior; one who loves me despite myself and so gives an eternal blessing beyond anything my tiny mind can imagine or comprehend.

1 thought on “Whose am I?

  1. Eric, I really appreciate this reflection on "who" and "whose." I think you really nailed it. What a challenge, though, when everything in our culture encourages us to worship at the altar of individual personality (our own or the stylemakers in our world). I pray for the ability to express (and live out) of what you have put so clearly here.

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