Ladd Marsh Bird Festival

Ladd Marsh provides one of the largest remaining wetlands in Northeast Oregon. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has done an exceptional job of conserving and expanding this area to provide respite for migratory birds and repose for nesting species.  Each year, on the third weekend of May, ODFW and the Friends of Ladd Marsh, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, sponsor a Bird Festival on the marsh.  Volunteer birders offer birding assistance at ten sites on the Marsh, and help visitors enjoy the unique viewing opportunities here.

Of special excitement for Meg and me over the weekend was the sighting of a pair of Virginia rails.  Although they are relatively common, they remain elusive in the cattails.  And, male ruddy ducks, with their blue beaks and “bubbling” mating behavior, are always a treat to see.
Avocet by her nest and eggs


Ruddy duck with bubbles


Virginia rail

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