Last days in New Hampshire

Our first weekend in New Hampshire featured a lovely Sunday morning in North Conway where we all drove to watch and cheer Sara as she ran a half marathon. 

As our time drew to a close in New Hampshire, Meg and I enjoyed several new experiences.  First, we had the opportunity to attend a jury trial that Michael, as a deputy prosecutor in Manchester, was presenting.  He handles major felony cases, and has an excellent grasp of facts, law, technology, and technique.

On Saturday, Meg and I accompanied him and Kenai, his golden retriever, on a pheasant hunt along the Contoocook river.  Fall colors lingered, the walk was refreshing, and the two of them got a pheasant.  The pheasant medallions made an excellent dinner. We also went to an apple orchard on Gould Hill where over two dozen varieties of apples were for sale in a large barn that had been converted into a sales facility. Sampling such a range of apples truly stimulated the taste buds and reminded us how much we miss at the major supermarkets.









2 thoughts on “Last days in New Hampshire

  1. Reminds me of why I miss the 4 seasons. Beautiful pictures and nothing here in the DFW area compares with that!! We will see sleet and rain this week but the "white stuff" eludes us most of the winter. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I grew up in southern California and never new what seasons were except from pictures. It has been such a blessing to have lived forty seasons in eastern Oregon, and to have traveled to New Hampshire to experience the challenge and renewal of the seasons 🙂

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