The weight of many little acts of kindness

More and more, I am convinced how little our politicians, in this country and in the world, can do for us ordinary people.  We are the ones who spread the good news of love and forgiveness, not merely by words, but by our interactions, our interconnections with our neighbors, whether we know them well or not.

Despite terrifying acts of violence we can still choose our response: to pray, to restore, to heal.

By creating us in His image, God has shown us His deep and abiding love. Together, we can outweigh, and outlast, all that distorts this image.

Stephen Gould captures this idea most eloquently:

“Good and kind people outnumber all others by thousands to one. The tragedy of human history lies in the enormous potential for destruction in rare acts of evil, not in the high frequency of evil people. Complex systems can only be built step by step, whereas destruction requires but an instant. Thus, in what I like to call the Great Asymmetry, every spectacular incident of evil will be balanced by 10,000 acts of kindness, too often unnoted and invisible as the ”ordinary” efforts of a vast majority.
         “We have a duty, almost a holy responsibility, to record and honor the victorious weight of these innumerable little kindnesses, when an unprecedented act of evil so threatens to distort our perception of ordinary human behavior”   Stephen Gould
Eagle Cap Wilderness, Zephaniah 3
Eagle Cap Wilderness, Zephaniah 3

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