The Chalk Basin 2: Sunday

Sunday began with the kind of sunrise that spoke  peace and oneness and concluded with a sunset that invited deep sleep. In between, Michael and I made a major hike through gullys and canyons amidst incredible ash and rock formations. The rain that had challenged us driving here left trickles of water in what are normally dry washes.  The air was cool, the damp “dry” wash walk refreshing.


We reached the Owyhee river and ate lunch.  I napped while Michael fished.  Afterwards we discovered an exciting canyon with the most intriguing and colorful formations we had seen that day. Definitely like Moab, UT, but without the crowds.


Michael found a beautiful agate thunder egg.  He hauled this thirty pound rock back to our campsite as my Father’s Day gift.  What an outstanding son! Scott, the man we had extricated from the mud hole (see the first Chalk Basin post) came over before dinner.  We enjoyed a wide ranging discussion about the presence of God in our lives, and the transformational nature of His deep love for us.


Campsite sunrise, Chalk basin, Owyhee River
Starting the hike, Chalk basin, Owyhee River
. Michael in side canyon, Chalk Basin
The damp wash we walked down, Chalk Basin, Owyhee River
a slot canyon that is normally dry, Chalk Basin
Chalk Basin, Michael fishing the Owyhee river
Chalk Basin, Michael below pinnacles, Owyhee River
Chalk Basin, Owyhee river pinnacles
Chalk Basin, Owyhee river pinnacles
Chalk Basin, Owyhee river pinnacles
Chalk Basin, Michael between pinnacles
Chalk Basin, Michael holding thunder egg
Chalk basin campsite, Owyhee river

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