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Bearing our weakness

Thomas Keating provides a dynamic insight into the hurts we carry. Rather than avoiding or hiding the pain and incompleteness we all live with, we should “simply” accept it, knowing that God knows, and through His Son, carries our burdens. And yet, I still look forward to His cleansing fire, when I will be totally purified of my past.

“…To accept our illness and whatever damage was done to us in life by people or circumstances is to participate in the cross of Christ and our own redemption.  In other words, the acceptance of our wounds is not only the beginning, but the journey itself. It does not matter if we do not finish it. If we are on the journey, we are in the KIngdom of God.

“It is bearing our weakness with compassion, patience, and without expecting all our ills to go away, that we function best in the Kingdom where the insignificant, the outcasts, and everyday life are the basic coordinates. The Kingdom is in our midst.”  Fr. Thomas Keating
Wallowa Lake

Eagle Cap Wilderness

The Promise of Christmas

“Christmas is the promise that the God who came in history and who comes daily in mystery will one day come in glory.  God is saying in Jesus that in the end everything will be all right.  Nothing can harm you permanently, no suffering is irrevocable, no loss is lasting, no defeat is more than transitory, no disappointment is conclusive. Jesus did not deny the reality of suffering, discouragement, disappointment, frustration, and death; he simply stated that the Kingdom of God would conquer all these powers, that the Father’s love is so expansive that no evil could possibly resist it.”  Brennan Manning, Reflections for Ragamuffins

Iwetemlaykin_State_Park, Iwetemlaykin, Wallowa_Lake, Wallowa_County, Wallowa_Mts

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!  Isaiah 52:7

New Beginnings

As we begin the Christmas season, I remind myself that with God, nothing is lost, nothing is irredeemable.  In His Son, I am a new creation.

“There is always the opportunity for a new beginning in our relationship with God.  Because God is infinite, unlimited possibility for growth and starting new exists.” Rueben Job

“I do not belong to the powers and principalities that rule the world but to the Good Shepherd who knows his own and is known by his own.  In the presence of my Lord and Shepherd there truly is nothing I shall want.  He will, indeed, give me the rest my heart desires and pull me out of the dark pits of my depression.”  Henri Nouwen

Sewell_Rd_Wolfeboro, Wolfeboro, New_Hampshire

Moving beyond our narrow circles

“Love is like the mustard seed that grows into the tree. As the love of a married couple can shelter children and family, the love of friends can reach out to others. Prayer is a time when we can ask the Lord that our love grows and that our concern for others and for the world reaches out beyond the narrow circles of ‘our’ people.”

Feather Woman Falls, Sperry Chalet

Wallowa Lake, NE Oregon

The Zumwalt Prairie and the Cat’s Back

“The Zumwalt Prairie seemed a polycultural sea of greens–springtime mint greens, forest greens, shamrock greens.  They were every hue and shine–pale, bright, dull, and verdant–and always changing from the height of the sun in the sky or the volume and cover of the clouds. The wind changed the colors as did morning and evening dew.  Morning color was heightened, noontime was flat, and late afternoon shone gold-green and shadowy.”  Marcy Houle, The Prairie Keepers

This book provides a wonderful background for visiting both the Zumwalt and the Cat’s Back, two vast high grasslands the hold the silence and awe of Creation.

Small steps of love

“How can we choose love when we have experienced so little of it?  We choose love by taking small steps of love every time there is an opportunity.  A smile, a handshake, a word of encouragement, a phone call, a card, an embrace, a kind greeting, a gesture of support, a moment of attention, a helping hand, a present, a financial contribution, a visit…all these are little steps toward love.

“Each step is like a candle burning in the night.  It does not take the darkness away, but it guides us through the darkness.  When we look back after many small steps of love, we will discover that we have made a long and beautiful journey.”  Henri Nouwen 
Wallowa Lake, NE Oregon

Trinidad, CA

Gratitude, Love, and God’s Goodness

Thomas Merton says it so well: we have the ultimate reason for gratitude and wonder–God’s unfailing love for us.

“To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything He has given us – and He has given us everything. Every breath we draw is a gift of His love, every moment of existence is a grace, for it brings with it immense graces from Him. 
Gratitude therefore takes nothing for granted, is never unresponsive, is constantly awakening to new wonder and to praise of the goodness of God. For the grateful person knows that God is good, not by hearsay but by experience. And that is what makes all the difference.” 
― Thomas Merton

Wallowa Lake

Vasquez Rocks, CA

Lakes in Wallowa County

Wallowa County, in northeast Oregon, provides wonderful alpine lake country, from its “jewel” namesake, Wallowa Lake, to the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  Meg and I have enjoyed the tranquility of these settings over the last few weeks. Special light and special moments of reflections, personal and physical, stimulate mind and heart.

Chimney Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness

Waterfall at Chimney Lake

Buck below Joseph Mt.

Mt Joseph in alpenglow reflections in Wallowa Lake

Reflected moraine

Reflected alpenglow

Wallowa Lake near boat dock

We belong to God

Rueben Job writes these wonderful words of assurance: “To remember who creates us and recreates, who calls us again and again, who knows us completely and loves us unconditionally is to be prepared, as Jesus was, for all that is to come. We need have no fear of today or anxiety about tomorrow. We belong to God who claims us as beloved children and holds us close in the embrace of strength and love. Listen and remember today that God calls your name and be transformed and sustained in all that awaits you.”

The Rime of Winter

Hard rime is a white ice that forms when the water droplets in fog freeze to the outer surfaces of objects. It is often seen on treesatop mountains and ridges in winter, when low-hanging clouds cause freezing fog. This fog freezes to the windward (wind-facing) side of tree branches, buildings, or any other solid objects, usually with high wind velocities and air temperatures between −2 °C(28 °F) and −8 °C (18 °F).

Hard rime formations are difficult to shake off; they have a comb-like appearance, unlike soft rime, which looks feathery or spiky, or clear ice, which looks homogeneous and transparent.